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Writing an annotated bibliography is one of the simplest assignments your professor can give you in school. This is because it entails writing a summary of the text you want to use in your essay. When writing the summary, ensure that it is in line with the topic of your research. This is the reason you have to tell us why the book is important for you. An annotation without this kind of information is not complete.                     


By definition, an annotated bibliography is an evaluation of the source of material you are using for your studies. When writing an annotated bibliography, you should ensure that you capture the central idea of the source you are using. Moreover, a person reading your annotation must have a general idea of the content that is contained in the text you are annotating.  If you manage to achieve this objective, then, you have written a high quality annotated bibliography.       


Nonetheless, the following are the major elements of an annotated bibliography:

·         - A referencing citation: You must provide a full bibliographic citation of the book or text you are using. If it is APA, provide a full citation in APA, etc.  

·        - Background of the author: You need to tell us the qualifications of the author and the kind of knowledge he is providing in the text.  This information is useful because it will enable a reader to know whether to rely on the information provided by the author. It is essential to use books and materials whose authors have a qualification on the topic written.    

·        - Methodology: A good annotation will explain the methods the author used to collect data for his paper.

·        - Sources: It is imperative for you to tell us whether the author is citing other sources. How reliable and relevant are these sources of information.                   


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